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Discover and change the areas of your life where the passion/stream of your life has stopped, or is subdued, limited and slow.

Focusing allows you to:

  • uncover and change the areas of your life where the passion/stream of your life has stopped, or is subdued, limited and slow
  • live/feel the life in the area much deeper than your thoughts and feelings
  • recognize and experience the moment of a real change, which is reflected in a distinct feeling of bodily changes called the body shift


“Focusing method” was created many years ago by the research of Eugen T. Gendli , PhD, one of the greatest American philosophers and psychologists, and his colleagues at the University of Chicago.

They wanted to know "why most therapies are not successful and not able to implement real changes in people's lives" and "what's the difference between successful patients who experience real changes in life and others who don’t?"

They discovered that the difference is in the way the successful patient thinks and what he does in his inner being. They were observing this unusual skill, that internal act, and were testing it on a large number of people. They started doing corrections with the intention to teach others about this internal act (focusing) so finally they produced a list of instructions for a 6-step-program.


The benefits/advantages of focusing:

  • establish closer contact with the intuition and wisdom of the body
  • discover experiences that you carry in your body
  • better understand what you really feel and want
  • successfully deal with difficult situations
  • successfully eliminate every form of stiffness
  • easier overcome obstacles, make new decisions and creatively solve the problem
  • better integrate the spirit, mind and body
  • relieve the tension and chronic pain (focusing relaxes and energizes)
  • be independent of the external system of beliefs
  • deepen the process of counseling and psychotherapy and make it more efficient